Nutrition is key.


      Six Packs are not made in the gym.
           What's in your refrigerator?

Whole foods or junk foods? Ongoing research has shown that a large number of our physical problems are simply caused by poor diet. We eat too much and we eat too much of the wrong types of foods. 
Most of us are educated enough to understand this and most people know deep inside themselves they are not eating healthy.
You must change your mindset concerning food, what you eat, how much and even when you eat.
The information on our "Weight/Fat" page is updated constantly to help you in your quest to lose and control weight, please use it. 

We need foods low on the Glycemic Index scale.

This means foods high in density and low in calories.

Fruits and vegetables should top our list.

Fish and Seafood are low in fat and high in Omega 3 oils and protein.
We should mention not all fats are bad. The fats we consume from fish, nuts, Avocadoes, and certain oils such as Olive and Peanut oils are beneficial in helping us reduce bad fats and controlling cholesterol.
Exercise is important but keep it in perspective. Remember when the weightlifting, aerobics, and sweating is done, it's all about calories and proper nutrition. You cannot exercise away a bad diet.
So what does this all mean? I see individuals every day in the gym who have been working out for months and even years but they never change.
It's all about calories.
We must create a negative caloric intake to lose weight/fat. In short we must burn more calories than we consume, no way around this fact.
Within a 20 mile radius of Raphine, VA we offer fitness instruction in your home for $50.00 per session, half hour to 45 minutes.
Some individuals can't  get out of home or not interested in joining a gym.

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